With a mechanical sounding name like Victor Ford, it is not any wonder that after 25 years with NSW Police, Victor found himself ….working in cars. For the past seven years Victor has been synonymous with driver training in the Upper Hunter, giving over 3800 driving lessons to more than 1200 students. As with everything, people come to driver training with a broad range of abilities, skills and learning paces. Victor’s teaching structure takes differences into account, and his program serves to systematically take every individual through each stage of learning to drive.

With a rock solid lessons-to-licence strike rate, Victor has be known to teach whole families how to drive. “It’s always a big moment when people get their licence” said Victor when asked what he loves about teaching people to drive “there’s been times when I have taught all the kids in the one family over the years”.

Lessons begin with building a foundation for driving, move into traffic skills, followed by a component which is dedicated to teaching the skills required for low risk driving.

After some early years in Sydney, Victor transferred to Scone 30 years ago and hasn’t looked back. A well known, highly respected and recognisable character in the Upper Hunter, Joblink Plus couldn’t be happier that he has joined the team.

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