SDC - Tamworth Registration

Saturday, 19 September 2020 at 9:00AM

11 Byrnes Avenue, (behind Joblink Plus)

Participants MUST have a minimum of 50 hours in their log book to attend.

Module 1: Theory
Module 2: In-car session. Two participants & the instructor for two hours. Session may not be on the same day as Module 1.
If you live out of town, or have a part-time job and need to complete both Modules in the one day, please make a note below.

Transport for NSW Privacy Statement
You understand that Joblink Plus will disclose your personal information to Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and that it may be used by TfNSW for the purpose of: a) Verifying your successful completion of the course; and/or b) Contacting you to discuss your feedback on the course. Otherwise TfNSW will not use or disclose your personal information without your consent unless authorised by law. Your personal information will be held by TfNSW at 20-44 Ennis Road, Milsons Point NSW 2061 and you can contact the TfNSW to request to access or correct it.
Joblink Plus Privacy Statement
Your personal information will be stored via a secure, password-protected server. Where the need arises to transport hard copy documents containing private information from the training premises to 11 Byrnes Ave, Tamworth, these documents will be stored and transported in a combination locked bag.
Cancellation, Non-Attendance & Re-Booking Policy
If you are unable to attend your Safer Drivers Course booking, you are required to give 24 hours notification of your non-attendance. If you advise of your non-attendance, you will be offered a position in another Safer Drivers Course or a refund if you have paid the enrolment fee. If you have paid the enrolment fee and do not advise of your non-attendance within the stated timeframe, you will forfeit your enrolment fee. If you can prove why you could not attend, i.e. medical certificate, you will be offered a position in another Safer Drivers Course. If you are not able to attend your In-Vehicle module (Module 2) on the scheduled date, you must give 24 hours notification and reschedule for another time. If you do not notify us and we cannot contact you, you will not receive the 20-hour accreditation on your logbook and a refund will not be issued. Module 2 must be completed within 30 days of Module 1, and with another participant.
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